SAFLOK Electronic Door Locks

SAFLOK Electronic Door Locks

SAFLOK - Messenger

SAFLOK Messenger is a bi-directional wireless communication network. It converts stand-alone, battery operated door locks into a communication device (to and from the lock), to a designated server to streamline security procedures and maximise staff efficiency.

It is an ideal link between sending and receiving real-time messages. With a broad range of functionality, Messenger expidites enhanced guest convenience, reduces expenses and conserves staff time.

With the use of the ZigBee Prostack (not Residential) Protocol, the Messenger System communicates in a proven manner. 




The next leap in access control revolution.

Welcome to the world of "contactless" technology where design and functionality communicate in cadence to present SAFLOK's visionary proximity lock - The Quantum.

Quantum ushers in the next generation of accommodation security.

"Worry free" Performance

Quantum, with its minimal physical impact on design aesthetics, provides "worry-free" performance; a quick flick of the hotel keycard over (and not into) the reader gains user access into the room.

The lock reader uses an ISO communication platform. Through the application of this technology, lock and keycard communicate via RF waves.


Robust Hardware Meets Sophisticated RF Technology

SAFLOK's robust mortise set (an integral feature of the SAFLOK MT and Odyssey) is combined with RF technology to provide reliable security.

Quantum leads the way in operational efficiency. Through the introduction of RF proximity technology, a variety of cost reductions are realised for the Accommodation Managers. The lock is sealed to protect against the most extreme environmental conditions such as rain, dust and salt air, reducing maintenance costs and labour.

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The SAFLOK MT is a multi-technology locking system that provides properties around the world with added levels of security and greater efficiency.

The non-volatile FLASH circuitry stores over a years worth of lock data (or up to 5,900 entries) providing detailed audit-trail information, such as date and time of the entry as well as the ID code of the employee or guest using the keycard.

The MT lock is easy to use and works with the Windows-based System 6000 and DeskLinc front desk systems.

The MT lock's battery pack is welded and insulated to ensure uninterrupted power. If the battery power is running low, it will alert you months in advance by displaying a red light when a keycard is inserted. This gives you ample time to replace the battery. During the change-out, the programming and audit trail information remain intact.

Another benefit of the MT lock is that it is easy to upgrade without changing or removing hardware. New software features can be easily uploaded when desired upgrades become available.

Automatic and Keycard-activated Latch

The MT lock can be programmed to lock and unlock at certain times of the day, allowing entry during passage hours and relocking during secure hours. This feature makes the MT lock ideal for perimeter, meeting room, and amenity area doors.

SAFLOK Odyssey (Adese)

Distinctive elegance, Superior Technology.

With Odyssey, SAFLOK has blended distinctive elegance and superior locking technology. The unique and sophisticated design of this lock makes it attractive to top-end designers and developers.

The Odyssey is compatible with SAFLOK's Systems 6000 Front Desk operating system and Messenger Wireless Lock Access network. This premier lock is masterfully crafted for the world's most prestigious hospitality properties creating an Access Management system second to none. Its robust mortise set ensures longevity and SAFLOK reliability.

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For further information or enquiries, you may use the Enquiry Form, alternatively please Contact Us.