The name Brantas originates in Indonesia wherein 1915 in East Java, Indonesia, Ed and Nico Klaij, the great-grandparents of the director of the company Jan Willem Strijker, started a cattle station and cut flower nursery. Later a quinine plantation and cabins for weekend rentals were added.

The venture was located at the source of the Brantas River and as such named Soember Brantas.

Old map of the area
 A painting of 1930

Brantas International Technology was named after this “onderneming” in memory and honor of those enduring the hardship of building a business in a country which was not their own, but which they adopted as their own and which adopted them as it’s own, making the joint venture eternal.

At Brantas International Technology Ltd, our focus is on systems enhancing the in-room experience of guests and tenants in hotels, serviced apartments, motels and other hospitality facilities.

We are a team of industry veterans with international Hospitality, Information Technology & Retail background.

Working with industry leaders allows us to offer top quality solutions, guarantee unparalleled service and support.

All our solutions offer cost saving, and or revenue and bottom line increasing potential.

Let us help you create the best and most innovative in-room experience.

We support in New Zealand and Fiji more than 100 international 4 and 5-star hotels, motels, apartment complexes, backpacker lodges and holiday parks with our customer portfolio is growing rapidly.

Brantas International Technology Ltd. has a network of associated companies in the Asia Pacific, stretching from Kyloon Pty. Ltd. Sydney Australia, Creavision Co.Ltd. in Korea, HSMC Asia in India and Hostech Asia Ltd in Hong Kong and Macau as well an own office in Singapore.

We are also proud to sponsor the Westpac Rescue Helicopter 2017/2018