Hotel mode iHome Clock Radios and Docking Devices

iHome HT160

The HT160 is a compact USB charger and alarm clock. With simple set instructions printed on the top of the clock, guests will be able to use it with ease. The small footprint makes it ideal for small nightstands. The “Gentle Wake” peacefully wakes guests with gently ascending alarm volume while the single-day-alarm ensure that guests are not woken to previousl set alarms.

iHome HBN22

The HBN22 is specifically designed for hotels. With a compact design, it offers NFC Bluetooth, FM clock radio, USB charging and speakerphone, Single day alarm prevents guests waking to previously set alarms while the “Gentle Wake”” peacefully wakes guests with gently ascending alarm volume. Guests can stream their own audio through Bluetooth and NFC wireless connections.


ChargeTime advertises itself to the guest as a charger. With two USB ports highlighted on the front of the device, guests will immediately recognize the amenity before doing the familiar crawl under the nightstand in search of an outlet.


The ChargeTimePLUS is a uniquely designed hotel alarm clock radio, bluetooth speaker and mobile device charger all-in-one. ChargeTimePLUS is loaded with hotel features that make it incredibly simple to install including pre-set time, automatic daylight savings adjustments and including security features. With an intuitive interface, guests will find it easy to use. With the press of a buttong, guests can set the mood and fill the room with the sound of their favorite audio. They will also appreciate the built in USB charging ports.



Guest Device Connectivity Products

Mediahub Mini – TA-3350

The Mediahub Mini is the latest addition to the Teleadapt Mediahub family.

It is the most powerful connectivity panel on the market allowing guests to connect their mobile devices to the in-room TV and play their own content and charge their device whilst doing so!

    Mediahub Mini Mediahub Mini Desktop Version

It offers USB, Bluetooth and HDMI connections to charge and play! The two USB ports allow for high current and standard charging.

The MediaHub represents a unique solution for hotel room connectivity by offering internationally compatible connection ports. This comprehensive panel was designed specifically for hotels in their effort to meet the entertainment demands of today’s savvy guest.

Hotels worldwide can install the MediaHub and make it possible for their guests to seamlessly connect their personal media devices to a hotel room TV. The result is a richer, more convenient visual and audio experience as their music can be played through speaker system, pictures and work documents projected and video games played on the large screen as they do at home.