INNCOM Elements Guest Room Automation Range from Honeywell

Smart and Beautiful

Honeywell’s INNCOM Guestroom Management System now includes the Elements range, which stylishly showcases new color, materials, and finishes for greater choice and flexibility.

The Elements collection is a revolutionary range of stylish wiring devices and guestroom controls products. Innovative, iconic and inspiring, the Elements collection is the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. Inspired by materials such as wood, leather, and stone, and with electronic touch control switches and dimmers, the MK Elements collection offers the perfect companion for any interior design.

  • 16 standard high quality finishes with ultimate flexibility
  • Comprehensive range of products including a thermostat, switches, sockets, and modular ancillary products designed for hospitality
  • Unrivaled quality and reliability

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INNCOM Elements Guestroom Automation Range

Elements is a beautifully designed, easy to use a range of products that allow your guest to control comfort, lighting, drapes and other amenities in the guestroom using a modern capacitive touch interface. It allows you to control your energy costs while providing an ideal guest experience. Available in 16 custom finish materials and a range of hospitality specific functions and intuitive icons, the easy-to-use Elements thermostat and switches are designed into the room experience like an accessory.

They are the perfect fusion of distinctive design and unparalleled quality. The Elements range provides a harmonized aesthetic extended across Honeywell’s PEHA, MK Electric, and INNCOM guestroom controls product lines, which provides a consistent designer solution for the hotelier.

  • Large backlit LCD Display
  • Sleek Capacitive Touch Interface
  • Optional Custom Finish Materials
  • Thin Flush Mount 7.5mm profile height
  • Harmonized aesthetics with sockets, outlets, and wiring devices



The Elements thermostat is a beautifully-designed intelligent programmable thermostat providing as much functional flexibility as it does design.

It wakes at the first touch and easily allows the guest see the current temperature and adjust the temperature as they wish. When coupled with one or more occupancy sensors it creates a room-level energy management system (EMS) and will automatically set back the comfort level when the room is unoccupied resulting in significant energy savings for your business.

When the Elements thermostat is connected to INNcontrol 3 over INNCOM’s Deep Mesh Network (DMN), a centrally-controlled EMS is created. It features real-time room status information, room and property energy trend data, alarm reports for malfunctioning equipment, instant control of temperature setback parameters and other online diagnostic/preventative maintenance functions. Using the network also allows the system to have third-party technology integrations

  • Easy to install
  • Switch easily between Celsius/Fahrenheit
  • Room-level Occupancy-based energy management
  • World Class centrally-controlled energy management


The Elements switches are beautifully designed, easy to use lighting, drape, and amenities interfaces. Elements are available in up to a 6 button keypad or up to 2 dimmers or in combination plates that provide AC power, USB charging, Audio/Video connectivity along with guestroom controls in a single plate. This provides an easy to use, powerful interfaces to the integrated room functionality.

Honeywell understands that guestroom lighting and drapery control is more than just being able to turn lights on and off and open or close a drape. Lighting and drape control encompasses everything from basic energy savings to creating memorable guest experiences with predesigned room scenes at the touch of a button. Our environmentally friendly systems can easily be set up to comply with energy-conservation building codes and can include an occupancy-based or key card based master light control to ensure that lights are always off in unoccupied rooms. Our lighting and drape controls provide comfort, safety, and convenience, too. Automatic nightlights and entry welcome lights guide and assure guests in an otherwise darkened room, while multi-point control makes it easy for guests to adjust lighting from virtually anywhere in the guestroom. Guest privacy and convenience can additionally be optimized through Do-Not-Disturb, Make-Up-Room, and other service call functionality.

  • Illuminated status indicators
  • Customizable design
  • Wide range of options