INNCOM Guest Control and Energy Management Systems

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Company Overview

INNCOM systems are installed in more than 600,000 rooms worldwide and our clients range from the most prestigious 5-star hotels to specialty limited-service properties.INNCOM technology can be directly applied in several related markets including universities and healthcare facilities.

INNCOM’s world-class R&D and Engineering teams work hard to bring you a broad range of innovative, intelligent devices and dependable integrated systems. These are combined in various ways to provide fully integrated solutions for energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest (end user) interfaces and operating enhancements for housekeeping, security, and other hotel staff groups.

The Company pioneered wireless infrared control technology for hotels, as well as the integration of multiple functions on a single, centrally monitored and controlled system. Our unique “building block” architecture allows hoteliers to select and implement features most appropriate to their needs.

System capabilities include unparalleled energy management, guestroom occupancy monitoring and reporting, central electronic lock control, doorbell/do-not-disturb/make-up-room annunciation, and patented infrared lighting control.

Smart Digital Thermostat

INNCOM have developed an entire range of smart digital thermostats. Beyond energy savings, the greatest advantages of INNCOM INNergy solutions are flexibility, expandability, and system integration. The GS-528 Thermostat range can be used as a direct digital control (DDC) thermostat, as the heart of a standalone in-room energy management system, or as the key guestroom element of a powerful energy management system.

Centrally Controlled Energy Management

Linking all guestroom thermostats with INNCOM’s INNcontrolTM provides more powerful energy management and many additional capabilities.Expansion options include:

  • Remote room occupancy indication
  • Remote HVAC control
  • Guestroom HVAC diagnostics
  • Peak demand load shedding
  • PMS/BMS interface
  • Automatic lighting control
  • Remote mini-bar access reporting
  • Remote smoke detector annunciation

The INNCOM e4 can replace virtually any existing thermostat currently in use. It has the unique ability to directly control almost any HVAC fan coil unit (FCU), packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC), or other unit types ranging from 24V to 277V, without additional relays or transformers.

With the addition of a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and door switch, the e4 becomes the brain of a highly efficient standalone energy management system. Without compromising guest comfort, guestroom energy costs can typically be reduced by 30% or more. And, when integrated guest status controls are added to the e4, even greater guest convenience and staff efficiencies are achieved.

By connecting to INNCOM’s INNcontrol network, the true energy and cost-effectiveness of the INNergy solution are realized. With an e4 networked to a centrally controlled system, the hotel gains the highest level of energy savings with a feature-rich energy management system for both local and remote control of guestroom HVAC equipment and devices.

For areas with high labor costs or restrictive electrical codes, installation can be wireless by using INNCOM’s patented IR and/or RF technology.

Additional expansion options include:

  • Room occupancy status reporting
  • Automatic lighting control
  • Mini-bar access reporting
  • Smoke detector alarm reporting
  • Central electronic lock control
  • Guestroom control amenities

Digital Thermostat

Advanced aesthetics and functionality provide guests with accurate fingertip control of room temperature.

Standalone Energy Management

Energy costs can be controlled by activating programmable temperature setbacks when guestrooms are not occupied.

Expansion options include:

  • Room occupancy status annunciation
  • Automatic lighting control

Energy Management with Integrated Guest Status Controls

Adding “Make-Up-Room” and “Do-Not-Disturb” buttons on the e4 and connecting those to INNCOM’s elegant INNtouch plates at the entryway provides guests with greater convenience and helps housekeeping staff work more efficiently.

Expansion options include:

  • Automatic lighting control
  • Localized mini-bar access reporting

Guestroom Status

INNtouchTM is a convenient, easy way for guests to display their privacy and service needs. INNtouchTM eliminates unsightly, awkward doorknob tags and provides a pleasing doorbell chime to announce staff and other guests. At the touch of a button, “Do-Not-Disturb” or “Make-Up-Room” can be displayed immediately on the corridor wallplate.

With the addition of a small motion sensor inside the guestroom, INNtouchTM allows staff to determine the occupancy of a room without knocking or yelling through the door. This reduces embarrassing intrusions on guest privacy.

INNtouchTM operates on a standalone basis or seamlessly integrates with the INNcontrolTM centrally controlled guestroom energy management system to remotely display guestroom status to housekeeping and other hotel departments.

The INNtouchTM system consists of four INNCOM components: the exterior Corridor Plate with the doorbell button, the interior Guestroom Plate with “Do-Not-Disturb” and “Make-Up-Room” buttons and built-in chime, a small power supply device, and a choice of decorator cover plates

Guestroom Digital Assistant

The  GDA-700 Guestroom Digital Assistant is a member of INNCOM’s Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS). It is a powerful, multi-purpose device providing the ultimate in convenience for touch screen guest control of room temperature, lighting, drapes, alarm clock, digital radio and telephone access.

The GDA-700 Guestroom Digital Assistant is a member of INNCOM’s Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS). It is a powerful, multipurpose device providing the ultimate in convenience for touch screen guest control of room temperature, lighting, drapes, alarm clock, digital radio and telephone access. It displays guest services information and communications, automated CRM monitoring, easy staff reporting functions and voice annunciation.

The GDA-700 is equipped with a 2 line speakerphone, a telephone handset and can be configured to display room and outside temperature, Do Not Disturb / Make-Up-Room and the patent-pending eco mode.
The GDA-700 can be integrated with the IRAS using low voltage wiring (S5 bus) or wirelessly using IDIR (INNCOM Diffused Infrared). It can also connect via Ethernet to a Central Server.


The GDA-700 is designed to be easy to use by the guest while giving them a sense of being provided advanced guestroom technology. The touch screen buttons provide the guest with an unparalleled level of control over a variety of guestroom devices. It is a fully featured 2 line telephone with a handset and speakerphone. When the handset is lifted or the speakerphone button is touched the dial pad appears on the touchscreen.


The GDA-700 is used as a state-of-art room control replacing typically multiple guest control interfaces. As an HVAC controller or thermostat interface it will display all the control functions available on the thermostat.

As a key node in an Integrated Room Automation System (IRAS), the GDA-700 receives inputs from various devices and sends outputs to control those same devices as well as others where no inputs are generated. It replaces the alarm clock, radio, telephone handset and adds an array of control functionality normally not available at the bedside or on the desk.

When the GDA-700 is connected to INNCOM’s centrally controlled system additional functionality can be delivered to the guest including room service ordering, butler calls, up-to-date news and other web-sourced information.

The GDA-700 controls lamps equipped with the INNCOM L206 or L208 Lamp Control Module or other devices connected to the S5 bus or equipped to receive wireless signals.


  • Runs on Windows™ CE on an onboard processor
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Energy management
  • ecoMODE
  • Lighting Control
  • Drape Control
  • Clock / Alarm Clock
  • World Time
  • Do-not-disturb and make-up room button
  • Butler / Bellman / Shoeshine
  • Room Service Functions
  • In-room Doorbell Annunciation
  • Local Weather
  • “My Group” Information & Contacts
  • Local Services Information (Restaurants, Taxi / Limos, Theaters, Airlines, Maps, etc.)
  • Stock Market Summary and Quotes
  • Multiple Language Display
  • Preferred Guest Info / Request for Info
  • Problem Reporting & Resolution
  • Guest Comment Card
  • Visual Aids for Hearing Impaired (ADA)
  • Audio Aids for Sight Impaired (ADA)
  • Housekeeping Reporting
  • Maintenance Reporting
  • Mini-Bar Usage Reporting
  • Food Service Cart / Tray & Utility Cart Tracking
  • Wireless Staff Tracking
  • Noise Tracking and Reporting
  • Voice Annunciation
  • On-Board Digitally Tuned Radio
  • 2-Line Speakerphone
  • Non-standard IR Control Codes
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Reporting


  • Dimensions: 10″ W x 4.125″ H x 6.25″ D 
    (254 mm x 105 mm x 159 mm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs1.36 kg.
  • Power In: 110 VAC
  • Other: Ethernet enabled