• Fulfil & track any and all requests by guest and
    hotel staff easily
  • Automate the entire workflow for job dispatch
  • Improve fluidity of communication
  • Raise guest satisfaction to the highest level
  • Ensure hotel standards are met according to the
    hotel’s policies and business rules
  • Achieve ecient and consistent levels of guest
    service at an optimized cost
  • Ensure no request gets missed out
  • Escalate defects to the relevant department to
    ensure that issues are solved in a timely manner
  • Improve productivity of hotel staff across all
    departments with measurable performance and

Flexible deployment methods

Technical Requirements:

Web / App / Gateway / DB
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
MySQL Version 5.6 Standard Edition / MSSQL Server 2012 R2 Standard
.NET Framework 4

Mobile (Android)
Android 6, 7, 8

Mobile (iOS)
iOS 9, 10, 11



Manage all guest requests/ ad-hoc jobs

Guest request management
Track all guest requests from start to end eciently while
ensuring the highest level of guest service is consistently

Inter-department work order management
Raise, designate and track inter-departmental requests to
ensure accountability of ad-hoc jobs around the hotel
Manage all guest requests/ ad-hoc jobs

Raise service standards

Multi-level escalation management
Jobs can be escalated to the next agent or supervisor based
on the hotel’s pre-set rules. Up to 8 levels of escalation can
be configured.

Courtesy call
Agents can perform courtesy calls to certain guests based
on Service Types. Allows guests to rate hotel services.

Centralized auto wakeup call & do-not-disturb
Allow operators to set up auto wakeup calls and
do-not-disturb (DND) for individuals or group. (Note: FCS
Voice is required for auto wakeup calls and FCS Gateway is
required for DND.)

Guest details
Allow runners to view guest profile details e.g. guest name,
room number, VIP code, language, check in/ out time etc.

Analytics to monitor your KPIs

Real time summary showing the statistics and statuses of all guest
requests and the work orders of different departments

Report builder & scheduler
Design and schedule your own report based on the available data within
the system. Allow the hotel head oce to create report templates and
roll them out to local properties, while also allowing the local properties
to create customized reports for their own operations. Reports can be
exported to preferred formats: excel, CSV, PDF.

Always connected

Ad Hoc Messaging
Allow agents to send ad hoc messages to single/ group recipients or
template messages to pre-set group of recipients. View message history.

FCS Messenger (Push-to-talk)
Allow staff to communicate with each other instantly through walkie
talkie style conversation.

Panic Button
In case of emergency, user can activate the panic button to trigger SMS,
direct phone call and alarm sound from mobile phone.

Real-time job updates

Job status
Allow runners and agents to view the status of all pending,
escalated and completed jobs, allowing them to take
immediate actions and improve service to guests.

Service item inventory tracking
Allow hotel to track and manage the inventory level of all
service items (loan & non-loan). Pop-up alerts will also be
sent to agents when the threshold level is hit. If a specific
service item is depleted and a guest request comes in, the
system will deny the service request and alert the agent so
the customer’s expectation can be managed.

Group messaging with notification
Assign jobs to a preset group of runners & receive
job-related notifications on the app.

Subsequent job creation
Trigger another job automatically upon completion of
current job.

“cc” supervisors on job
Copy runner jobs to their designated supervisors for easier

Increase overall staff productivity

Runner profile management
Manage the runner profile by skill set, location coverage, runner shift,
escalation group and designation job routing

Mini-bar posting
Allow runners to update mini-bar usage and post back to the PMS in real
time to capture the revenue immediately.

Room status update
Allow runners to update room status to the PMS in real time, enhancing
the room turnover rate.

Defects escalation
Allows runners to take picture of defects to be sent over to the
Engineering team for fixing or other types of follow up

Voice message
Records voice messages instead of text messages, especially suitable for
complicated and long messages to shorten the time of writing messages

End-to-end integration with PMS

Extended guest profile
Allows staff to search guest information from the PMS for personalised

Check-in & check-out module
Auto job creation upon guest check-in/check-out which can be based on
VIP codes, PMS special codes, guest information update or room moves.

Opera/LMS luggage handling
Receive tag numbers from PMS upon check-in, trigger job creation for
luggage handling and send the luggage job notications to handheld
devices of hotel runners or to hotel printers. (Note: This feature only
available for Opera/ LMS PMS.)