FCS Computer Systems

Founded in 1982, FCS Computer Systems is a leading computer telephony integration (CTI) vendor in Malaysia. With close to two decades of experience, they have provided CTI solutions to more than 2,500 customers in over 31 countries. Their area of expertise includes telephone call accounting systems, billing services systems, voice-mail, fax-mail, interactive voice-fax systems, computer telephony integration, call center and task management, integration to host computer systems, internet access solutions as well as other innovative customized applications



FCS Call Accounting

FCS WinSuite is a Windows-based call charge and billing system that manages the costs of telephony and service usage in a Hotel. Another important function of FCS WinSuite is the PABX, FOS and third-party interfaces that are built into it.

Guest communications services are automated. Telephone lines are unbarred upon check-in automatically updates guest name display on PABX console and barred upon checkout. Call charges are posted directly into the guest folio.

FCS WinSuite is running as a property management interface between following hotel front office systems and PABX (telephone systems):

Front Office:
Fidelio Version 6 and 7
Fidelio Opera and Fidelio Cruise
HIS Epitome
Galaxy Lightspeed

Call charges

  • Allows for call charge post and call charge calculation and print call charge slips. The call charge information can be reprinted.
  • Support multiple charging schemes by calling extension.
  • Allow for multiple carriers. Extension to rate table mapping (up to 2 rate tables per a telecom carrier)
  • Call charge routing for a specific time frame.

Reporting Module

  • More than 20 reporting formats
  • Utility for default report selection
  • Pre-set function for frequently used report settings
  • Report printing to file, screen and printer
  • Option to route a selected report through e-mail
  • Schedule report printing


FCS VoiceMail

Voice messaging designed specifically for hotels.

FCS VoiceMail is a Windows-based Voice Messaging System designed specifically for hotels, and unlike an ordinary office voicemail system, FCS VoiceMail works seamlessly with the hotel telephone system (PABX) and the front office system (FOS).

FCS VoiceMail ensures that all guest messages are handled confidentially, delivered efficiently and conveyed accurately.

Feature List

  • Full integration to PABX, FOS and PMS, automatic creation and archival of mailboxes upon guest
  • Automatic transfer of guest mailbox whenever guest changes rooms or check out
  • Message confidentiality –Automated integrated with PMS
  • PIN number access security
  • Multi-language instruction
  • Automated language selection
  • Allows guests to record personal greeting prompts
  • Remote message retrieval from any telephone
  • Handles all unanswered calls for guests
  • Messages are recorded as spoken by caller directly into the voice mailbox


Comprehensive IVR solution to promote efficient handling of incoming calls

For a customer service oriented company, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is normally the first stop for the caller. Hence, FCS Hotel IVR was designed to heighten the customer service experience. With an Interactive Voice Response system, intentions to place room reservations will be made easier, amongst other uses. In addition, the FCS Hotel IVR has distinct advantages for the hotel staff. By freeing the operators/call center agents to focus on more important tasks, tasks are completed more effectively. Being a software-based IVR solution that interfaces with many kinds of hosts/databases, seamless integration is actively pursued.

Feature List:

  • Inbound and outbound calls capability
  • Multiple language voice announcements
  • Multiple application capabilities
  • Import customers database into FCS IVR system
  • Voice broadcast
  • Password protected
  • Open system compatibility – interface to host/database such as AS/400, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle

FCS Mini Bar

FCS Minibar, module of FCS Voicemail

Convenient and accurate way to update minibar usage

FCS recognizes the importance of revenue centers in a Hotel environment. Minibar is another means in which a hotel can capture revenue from the guest. By expanding the FCS WinVoice (Voice Related Solutions) functions, such revenue can be captured and posted to the FOS via FCS WinSuite through the use of any hotel phone.

Feature List:

  • Itemize entry to the system. No more need to perform any calculation and no more human error.
  • Only authorized user can gain access to the system
  • Can configure to add other charges to the item being consume
  • Can configure to either post total amount or itemize detail to FCS WinSuite.
  • Able to generate report for the minibar consumption
  • Can configure the system to accept posting for a vacant room.
  • Able to repeat the item that the user had entered.

FCS e-Connect

FCS e-Connect is an Express Service and Task Management Solution that enables the automation of the receiving and dispatching of guest requests across all departments within a Hotel. This is achieved through a sophisticated application that seamlessly interfaces to your PABX, PMS, and your internal communication devices eg Pagers, DECT Phones, Mobile Phones, and Wireless PDA’s.

FCS e-Connect significantly reduces response times to guests and ensures that jobs created in the system are tracked through to completion and will escalate to supervisors and department heads if they are not completed on time. This enables department heads to closely monitor the productivity of staff and resources and also facilitates a deeper understanding of guest behavior in your property through tracking and reporting on the requests during their stay.

FCS e-Connect also offers a number of optional modules including – Duty Manager Log Book (an automation of the Duty Manager Log Book that enables all hotel events to be easily recorded, stored and emailed to relevant personnel), Concierge – Baggage Management (a tool that enables the creation and tracking of tasks associated with the delivery and collecting of guest baggage), Transport Management (booking and inventory management tool enabling the management of transportation services offered by the Hotel and the charging of such services to guest accounts), Parcel Delivery (tool to track the receipt and delivery of guest parcels including courier parcels and airline tickets), Courtesy Call (Guest satisfaction monitoring tool that enables properties to build a database of guest comments and service satisfaction ratings) and Ad-Hoc and Group Messaging (tool that enables pre-defined and free text group broadcast messages) that have been developed to stream line hotel communication, increase efficiency and enhance guest service.